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I retired from Nortel in 1993 after 36 years as an Electronic  Technologist working in New Products Introduction and Quality Engineering by day and breeding, training and racing Standardbred horses nights and weekends. After retiring I went to work full-time operating a moderately successful public racing stable for a few owners until age and a few health problems made me slowdown to a couple of horses of my own which I finally gave to good homes in 2012 and have had to care for no horses  for the first time since 1957.

I’m 84 years old now and while I'm still a huge fan of Harness Racing, follow some friends' horses and watch many live streamed races on my iMAC my favourite hobby now is reading crime fiction and writing book reviews on Goodreads and I give preference to Canadian authors but I have a few favourite US authors as well and I usually have some reading project running. Check  the READING page!