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Some Quotes from The King James Version Bible and Possibly? from the Qur'an


 Owned by Brian Running & Phil Stewart

 Trained by Phil Stewart

Winning her 2nd last start at Grand River Raceway with Paul MacKenzie Driving on May 1 2006

She finished 3rd in her next start and then came up  lame with a tendon injury to her right front ankle!

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    A Pic from the Past!

Woodbridge Ontario 1978

      © Philip P Stewart 2006

Some pics taken by my nephew Murray Ingledew of Gerry Kiss and  Me training at Mobros Stables Smithville On. in Oct 2007

"Officially Retired !!!"

I have finally officially retired from horse ownership! I have found new, good homes for my last two and it is now the first time since June 1 1957 that I have not had a horse in the barn to feed and care for!

And I'm bored already!!!!




Just a few random pics, in no order, from "The Good Old Days"