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What is MACuisine ©

    MACuisine© version 2.n or higher is a  rewrite, using "Revolution"©,  of a  Hypercard© stack I originally developed in 1994, designed to store and catalogue the recipes that most people collect on newspaper clippings, scraps of paper, file cards, serviettes, backs of menus, post cards, calendars  and all the other usual storage media, including their own memory!

  This is definately not a fancy "Cookbook" programme with shopping lists and search functions and all that other good stuff  but just a digitized Rolodex type of  a recipe file.

  There are a few other cute (I think, anyway!) gimmicks that allow you to semi-automatically add recipes and index/sub-index cards and sometimes even generate the cutsey icons!

 Now this thing is intentionally designed with a "RETRO" look so it kinda looks like it did on my old MAC Plus or MAC Classic, except, of course for the colours!!

The latest version of MACuisine is available, here, for downloading!

    For MAC OSX (Up to 10.3.9) you have the choice of

                                a Stuffit Archive - Just click on -

                                          or a DMG  - Just click on -

    For MAC PPC runing System 9 (or?) - Just click on -

                And for Windows 2000 or?  - Just Click on -

               (And I now know this works on Windows XP)

               (And it also works on Windows 7 although I can't

                vouch for the Installation package and since I

                didn't install the special fonts on mt Virtual

                Windows 7 machine, some text comes out

               kinda iffy!)

NOTE: ---


    None of the MAC versions will work on the new MAC OS because they all require PPC support! It is doubtful that I will update as "Revolution" has been replaced by "Live Code" and it would take almost a complete rewrite even if I could afford "Live Code" and learn how to use it!!!