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Some Weather Events Illustrating Climate Change

To Keep Things In Perspective - A Severe Summer Storm On the Upper French River in 1970

Sunset inTheWestJun28/19

Sunset On June 28 2019 @ 5.20am in Beautiful Downtown Vineland Ontario

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  CLICK HERE for Sunset in Downtown Vineland

Ontario September 22 2018 - The Fall Equinox

1 Year Later



Sunrise On June 22 2019 @ 5.20am in Beautiful Downtown Vineland Ontario

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My Thoughts on Climate Change

I firmly believe that it is not possible to deny that we are in a climate change cycle that is progessing quite rapidly but at the same time I do not believe that the present climate change has been caused solely by the acts of mankind on this planet. I believe that climate cycles from ice ages to hot desert conditions have been happening ever since this planet was born BUT I do also believe that the present cycle has been exaberated by the overpopulation of mankind on this planet and by all the horrendous acts of mankind against Mother Nature. I moved into this apartment on Dec 1 1996 and in the 22+years since I have seen every thing from snow piled so high I couldn't see out of my living room window and still had a high pile in May, my apartment flooded by a water main break when the storm sewer was so plugged by ice and snow that it couldn't handle the run-off and so dry that I couldn't keep up with cleaning the gravel dust from our parking lot out of the apartment! BUT in all those years I have never seen Sunrises and Sunsets and Spring Snowstorms like the one above and those in the pictures and articles listed on the right side of his page and I submit that these are evidence of this climate change cycle we are in right now.

A Wee Discussion of Some Personal Thoughts About Climate Change

Click Here for Anatomy of a Spring Snowstorm in Vineland Ontario